Monday, August 18, 2008

Joshua James, Casbah, 8.8.08 pt.2

I already wrote a little bit about Joshua James' show at the Casbah a little over a week ago, but I never got around to posting some of the pictures, and I promised a guy at the show I would. I will add that I've listened to Joshua's album at least a dozen times since I bought it, and he was just named one of Paste Magazine's "25 To Watch" in their latest issue. I have a feeling you'll be hearing a lot from this guy in the future. I only regret having missed the two previous times he'd played here. I will not let that happen again.

The second show of the night was A.M. Vibe and Transfer, but I was selling merch so nothing really to report there except it was packed and I got pretty toasty. Sorry about that to anyone who had to deal with me. It was a really long week. Thanks to Jake for driving.

I guess I got it all out of my system because on Saturday I kept it pretty low key, chilling at home most of the day, then going to Kristian's at night for a little get together. We went to Hamilton's for a while, too, where I ran into an old friend. I don't go there often, but I do love that bar. That night, when everyone was gone or sleeping, I kicked back in Kristian's backyard, listening to my iPod and enjoying the night air and finally driving home as the sun came up.

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