Tuesday, August 05, 2008

What Happened To Chris Cantore? The Saga Continues

Last night I wrote about some shit going on at X1FM.com. Confirmed this morning, Cantore abruptly left the station. I haven't had the chance to talk to Chris personally, and in a way it's probably better that way because really, I just wanted to observe how things were handled today, because it is unclear what exactly happened, but I'm still just going to suspect that money had everything to do with it, particularly because it was the 3-month anniversary of the show- in most jobs, a probationary and/or contract renegotiation period. A station without ads is perhaps revolutionary, but a chatroom alone does not pay the bills.

The chat room was on fire today, and since it is a public forum, anyone could've logged on to follow along. People were understandably upset. Jen and Andrew were at the helm and had to host a show while trying to convince people that X1 is still a community and that the listeners should not lose faith. Not an easy task. Especially as regulars logged on and were asking the obvious WTF? questions.

Luis, the president of X1Fm also tried to do some damage control as vocal chat room participants tried to call for a station boycott, asking questions, and calling bullshit. Below, what Luis had to say about things:

I wanted to express my heart felt thanks to all in the chat room for supporting Andrew & Jen during this terrible time for X1FM

We at X1FM Network are working very hard everyday to offer all our users & listeners the real difference VS the corporate superiority! We have real honest hard working individuals in front & behind the scenes to make a real difference! Please hope you undertand this and keep the faith in all of us! Thank you Luis

Before I leave the chat room: I hope you keep supporting what X1FM believes in " Freedom of Music " all this represents all of you and it does not mean anything without your support that you all bring everyday to all of us. Sorry if we let you down. Sincerely yours Luis-President X1FM Network

I hope that sooner than later we can make a difference! I support and honor what Andrew & Jen are doing today! Again I hope you all understand that it was not our choice. We believe in all of you and will keep up the faith!

I respect all of you if not I would not put myself in a position of attack! I value what all of you bring everyday, that is why we do what we do everyday to give all an option that has a soul .

Again I am here to comfront (sp) our listener and help all understand that this was not a choice we had faith things could be worked out, sorry if you all feel we are a corporation putting Chris down. I hope one day things come to light how X1FM operates and does to survive.

I only can say that it was not up to us, we wish Chris the best, I hope he finds what he is looking for! But I honestly can say that Andrew and Jen deserve better.

I am the one that believes in what X1FM brings to all everyday and I wish you could forgive us for not having the budget to keep Chris. We are very sorry this had to happen.

SORRY that X1FM never earn your trust, it is a shame that the 20 something employees that work extra hard for this don't have a chance to get the same credit and respect. If someone is to balme is me not everyone else.

I am not talking about the talent, I am talking about all the people behind the scenes that get up at 5:00 am to hustle to give all a show

Again the one to blame for not having the budget to keep the talent is me, NO ONE ELSE! I wish we where really a big ass corporate owned entity to pay the talent what corporations pay.

My honest apology to all, wish reality was different SORRY TO ALL FOR LETTING YOU DOWN!! Have to go but you can email me anytime and hope we eventually make a difference.

I am sure in the coming days more information will come out about the situation. Regardless, personally I hope the best for Cantore and for the station. Both deserve to be successful.

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