Friday, August 01, 2008

Firethorn Video

There is this San Diego band called Firethorn. And if you've ever been at the Casbah and seen a tall white dude with a huge afro, then you have seen Sean from Firethorn. They rock pretty damn hard, and their lead singer Chris usually ends up on the floor a couple times at each show. And they are awesome guys. And they have a bubble machine. So when Sean told mentioned they were doing a CD release show in LA in a place called Mr. T's Bowl (which is a converted bowling alley!), I begged him to let me tag along. And rather than just be a groupie/free-loader/"who invited this guy?" I decided to film it. Well, here is the music video I put together, which showcases one of their songs "Down On Your Knees" and please remember I am an amateur video guy (aka one generic Samsung handheld and the stock Microsoft Editing Program).

Hope you enjoy. -Dagart

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