Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Poor Excuse for Update

I've nary had any time to write, so some photos will have to do.

Write your own captions for now.

K for Keyboard...

Ok, this one is way worth writing about. Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings played at the Osheaga Festival in Montreal on August 3rd (happy joanie bday), and I wasn't about to be the complacent headlining artist/ festival goer. I rushed over to their stage and marveled sidestage while the band played. The Dap Kings stepped in time, led by their bassist, Gabe Roth, while their hype man introduced soul sister #1, Sharon Jones. Halfway through the set, Jimmy from Louis XIV and I were part of the growing number of folks on the sidestage grooving along when Sharon Jones announces that she'll need someone to come onstage for her next song.

Jimmy was the one who got my white sunglasses for me in the first place.

"I need a fine young man...wait a minute now, I see you in the white glasses."

Four glorious minutes later, I've just been serenaded in front of thousands of Quebecois by Sharon Jones. I went onstage and did my best not to give myself away as a square. But, we danced, we laughed, it was rad.

Mike Watt, the day his bass got stolen. It wasn't me.

Definitely not America anymore.


Jason G said...

On the contrary, great excuse for update! Those backstage, set-up shots are beautiful and really seem to capture the essence of what's going on. Not mention Mike Watt! Thanks for the update!

Tyler said...

Great update Ray. Your posts are great. Fill us in on what happened at the end of the Vegas Killers post! You can't leave us hanging like that!

Ray said...

The end of that post is up, you'll just have to dig a little bit to find it.