Saturday, August 09, 2008

YouTube: Joshua James at the Casbah, 8.8.08

Last night I was recruited to sell merch for Transfer. Jake came over to hang out and we were going to head to Habitat House, but with a few beers already in my system I didn't know if I could handle a quiet living room show, and I figured I'd just get to the Casbah early instead where there was an early show in progress. I missed the Cory Chisel and the opener, who apparently was a 16 year old kid, but I was there for all of Joshua James' set. Holy shit, what an amazing voice, backed by a piano, drums, guitar, bass, and lap steel. The first song he played alone onstage and it sucked me in, reminding me a lot of Conor Oberst, which was funny because it turns out Joshua and the band are from Nebraska. Joshua has an incredible voice. Like, you know when you get laryngitis and you kinda like it because you think you sound sexier with a raspy voice? Like that chick from One Tree Hill? Well, that's Joshua's natural voice and it made me want to curl up on the floor with a blanket. I recorded a few songs and bought his CD.

Here's video. I'll post pics and more about last night later.

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