Monday, August 18, 2008

Or, The Whale, Silent Comedy, Hotel St. George @ Casbah, 8.11.08

I previously posted some video from Or, The Whale and The Silent Comedy but I didn't really talk about the show at all. I made sure to get there really early because I wanted to see all three bands and wanted to have some good patio time before the show, too.

I hung with Hotel St. George in the back until showtime. I don't know what's up with Matt lately, but there's something so relaxed and comfortable when he's onstage, and the band sounds tighter each time they play. It's really a pleasure to see them.

I was looking forward to seeing Or, The Whale for the first time, since I was out of town last time they were here. I had received one of the best press packages I've ever received, which started with an email via MySpace, and later was a personalized letter from the band including a copy of their CD. Because it was so nice, I really wanted to preview the show, but I knew there would be no problem filling up the Casbah, even on a Sunday night, because people can't get enough of the Silent Comedy. I was also happy to find out that two of the members were born and raised in San Diego, so they have ties here.

Their set really blew me away. They're less a band, more a collective, switching up instruments and vocal responsibilities. The music is reminiscent of old country like The Carter Family. The pipes on the girls were incredible. Since the lights were busted, I mostly captured video, and just took in the show.

Last up was The Silent Comedy and the Casbah was nearly sold out. Natalie and I were up front alternating taking video. Since the lights blew, I thought I'd mess around with my camera and use the sepia setting.

The show was a blast, and I got a chance to talk to Or, The Whale who were as friendly as they are talented. The night was the perfect seal on a great weekend.

Here were a couple more videos of The Silent Comedy that I didn't post before.

"Mrs. Miller"

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