Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Warped Tour San Diego /Chula Vista Information

UPDATES! see below (Thanks to LiveNation for the helpful info!)

I'm heading to the Warped Tour again this year, and while I was looking at all the bands who are playing, there were a tons of questions on the comment board, so I thought I'd share the little insight that I've gathered.

1. The show is in a parking lot of Cricket Amphitheatre, not in the amphitheatre itself.

2. Last year, the main stages were side by side and they alternate between bands. As soon as one finished the next would start and the crowd sorta shifts over, but there are several smaller stages around the venue, so there could be 4 or 5 bands playing at any one time.

3. The schedule is not released until the day of the show and is random. So the "headliners" could always play first. People who show up late thinking they'll skip the less known bands could end up missing the bands they want to see.

4. (Update) According to LiveNation, doors are at 11, with the first bands starting at noon. Show should wrap around 8:30-9pm.

5. There is no bus service to Cricket. The best you can do is take the 704 from Palomar trolley and get off near Brandywine which is 2 miles from the venue. Maybe ride a bike from there?

6. Cameras are allowed as people are encouraged to upload their own pics to the site, but only point and shoot and disposable cameras. Any camera that can change lenses is not allowed without proper press credentials and prior approval.

7. Tailgating is not legal but people do it anyway. Don't be stupid and obvious and you might be ok, unless you're underage, then you're screwed. FYI, did you know that any alcohol violation when you're a minor stays on your insurance information for 7 years? Try getting cheap insurance rates with even just a "minor in possession"...

8. Punk Junk is taking donations at the main gates to help homeless organizations across the country. Donate clothes, food and anything else a person could use at the blue punk junk tent at main gates of each show. When you donate items or $5, you get a cut pass to cut the line to get in to the warped tour and a raffle ticket to win free signed and rare stuff. Last day off tour they will be auctioning off a guitar case signed by everyone on the tour.

8. I take all that back about parking. Hooray! Parking this year is free. Still expect lines.

9. Take the back way. If you don't know it, look on a map, smarty. I can't do everything for you.

10. Warped Tour typically does a lot of walk up business, so expect long lines at the ticket windows. There will be a separate tent for Will-Call tickets. If you already have a ticket, you can go straight to the gates.

11. You can bring ONE 16 oz. factory sealed bottle of water per person. Otherwise, do not bring food or bevarages, chairs, umbrellas, or backpacks. Also, there is NO re-entry into the venue, so if you leave, you have to buy another ticket to get back in.

12. Don't forget the important stuff- a hat, shades, sunscreen, gum, comfortable shoes, etc. I'd recommend deodorant too. The rest of us don't wanna smell you.

Oops- grabbed the wrong code. This is Tim from As I Lay Dying with Tim Pyles from last year.

Again, here are all the bands playing the San Diego/Chula Vista date of the show:

3oh!3, A Day to Remember, Against Me!, Aggrolites, Alesana, All That Remains, All Time Low, Anberlin, Angels and Airwaves, Beat Union, Between The Trees, Big Drill Car, Bring Me the Horizon, Charlotte Sometimes, Classic Crime, Cobra Starship, Confide, D.I., Dr. Manhattan, Evergreen Terrace, Everytime I Die, Fear, Forever The Sickest Kids, Four Year Strong, From First to Last, GBH, Gym Class Heroes, H2O, Horrorpops, Katy Perry, Lordz, Ludo, MC Chris, MIA, Motion City Soundtrack, Natives of the New Dawn, Norma Jean, ORESKABAND, Panima, Protest The Hero, Reel Big Fish, Relient K, Rise Against, Say Anything, Set Your Goals, Shwayze, Sky Eats Airplane, Story of the Year, Street Dogs, T.S.O.L., The Academy Is..., The Audition, The Briggs, The Bronx, The Devil Wears Prada, The Fabulous Rudies, The Germs, The Human Abstract, The Vandals, We the Kings

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