Monday, December 12, 2022

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Super Star Gas in La Mesa is under $4 Cash Price

"It's the most wonderful time of the year." 

I have to tell you, I am in the Christmas spirit. There was a point this summer when we were running our a/c around the clock and I would look at my over-the-door rack which holds my numerous hoodies and thinking I would never need any of them again. Instead, I've actually gone out to buy a couple new weatherproof jackets, have dug through the drawer of gloves and scarves and beanies, and I'm loving it. 

Obviously I've been taking advantage now that the San Diego Zoo is open until 8pm nightly, so I pack up my bag of goodies and try to get there early enough to say hi to the orangutans, Karen and Aisha, then hang with the gorillas until they go into their bedrooms, and then I wander. Darren has been a little sick this weekend...I think his long days, early training, and the freezing cold of the Safari Park caught up with him. He's negative for COVID and his symptoms are more in line with just an annoying cold, but we're keeping an eye on it, we've got our air purifiers running, and I'm a hoarder so we have ample supply of cold and flu medicine, pain relievers, Emergen-C, Alka Seltzer Plus tablets, honey, soups and all the stuff. Mostly he's just been sleeping so it's no big deal when I stay extra long at the Zoo. 

We also took advantage of him going to bed early by going shopping. This is the time of year when Ross is open until Midnight!! So I took Nova to our favorite store (La Mesa, Lake Murray Blvd) because she needed a new jacket before she flies off to St. Louis for Christmas with her grandparents and mother. While on our way, we hit the Super Star gas station on El Paso and Lake Murray and got gas for $3.99. Thanks, Joe. Funny how those gas companies really tried their best to influence the election and now they're fucked because they're California is going to push for windfall taxes for their shenanigans.

So yeah, I'm feeling festive and everyone's asleep and it's almost midnight and I just might help myself to a bottle of pinot noir, because why not? I'm not sick and the less we're sharing air, the better. The studio worked for me when I had COVID but it is way too cold for anyone to stay down there this time of year. I'm still masking up because everyone everywhere seems to be sick. You might want to consider doing the same if you're not already. 

OHHH! And I meant to post about Chef William Bradley last week but I ran out of time, so CONGRATULATIONS, Billy!! We were friends in high school and he was always so sweet and I'm so impressed and happy for his massive culinary accomplishment. Dinner at Addison is like a months rent in San Diego, but I'm glad he's making a huge mark for the City. 

Stay safe out there. 

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