Wednesday, August 25, 2021

CoViD-19: The Least You Can Do-- Wear A Goddamn Mask | Pfizer Applies For Comirnaty Booster; J&J Seeks Booster Approval | Heat Advisory | Vote NO On California Recall | GI Joe Congressmen Visit Afghanistan Covertly |

Cape Buffalo at San Diego Zoo Safari Park (Taken by Nova 8.25.21)

I was gonna do another rant on the news but Darren always tells me that if I keep watching it, they'll keep making it. And I already had enough of a rant in my listings post about vaccination and in yesterday's post about shmucks who went to Afghanistan this summer and are now crying about being "stranded" so I'm just gonna let it go because I need to just put the laptop down for the night. 

What I will talk about is that Nova went to San Diego Zoo Safari Park today with her conservation camp and not only did they get to go to the Rhino Conservation Center, but they got to do a caravan in the African savannah. I'm so jealous. I let her take my old camera which she still needs lots of practice with but she got a couple cool shots like this one of some cape buffalo. Tomorrow they're going back up there, but there's a heat advisory and it could be 95 degrees in Escondido so hopefully they get to me adjacent to all those misters throughout the park. I bet they get to go behind the scenes by the elephants tomorrow. Meanwhile, I'll be home babysitting for an old friend. 

I'm gonna call it a night. Stay safe out there. 

The math here is wrong. Actual percentage of hospitalization of vaccinated is 1.95%

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