Monday, August 02, 2021

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Kumeyaay Lake at Mission Trails Regional Park (Taken 8.2.21)

I was awakened this morning at 4:30am when my mom texted me that my dad was taken to Kaiser Zion by ambulance. As I've said, his health has been declining a lot lately and we've been trying to get him to go in on his own but he's stubborn and it took an actual emergency for him to go. It's scary and he's not well, but they gave him dialysis today which seemed to at least make him feel temporarily better and lucid enough to chat. 

While I'm of course worried about him, I'm even more worried about my mom because she stays by his side night and day and ignores her own self-care, so we were in continuous contact throughout the day. All of this made me feel especially ranty about COVID-19 because we can't visit and he waited over 6 hours before getting a bed because the hospital is full of COVID patients. My tolerance for the unvaccinated, if it ever existed, is completely gone. You can see that rant at the end of this post. 

This evening Darren and I went for a quick little walk around Kumeyaay Lake because the campground opened and I wanted to check it out. It was so nice we decided to make a quickie little one night reservation. Beyond that, I'm kind of on phone standby just waiting to hear updates on my daddy and trying to keep my brain from scrambling in the heat and stress of it all. I'm on the fence about doing listings this week. If I find time tomorrow maybe I'll do abbreviated ones, but my heart isn't into promoting hundreds of people crowding into small rooms at the moment until our venues get together and require vaccinations. 

Stay safe out there.    

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