Monday, August 30, 2021

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Orca at Sea World (Taken 6.22.21)

Last night we let Nova stay the night at my sister's. Darren and I went to the San Diego Zoo, but then later while Darren played guitar in the speakeasy, I watched movies on Netflix. I watched Poms, a comedy about women in a retirement community who start a cheerleading squad, and a Canadian movie called The Guide to The Perfect Family. Both gave me the feels and it's been awhile since I completely unplugged from the news like that for four straight hours. 

But then I was right back to my old ways and went right down a Twitter rabbit hole. I was curious about the imminent threat in Afghanistan so was watching latest Tweets with the search "Kabul". It is so interesting because people on the ground and people completely disconnected all have their hot takes on breaking news. There was an explosion near the airport and immediately Biden is blamed again for not getting people out. Then about an hour later the US claimed responsibility for the drone on a suspected safehouse planning suicide bombings and then its his fault for...for I don't know what. It's just "chaos", an "unmitigated disaster", etc.  It was a reminder that when using the "latest" feature to look at each profile for a profile photo, when they joined twitter, how many tweets they have, how many followers they have and what is in their bio. It doesn't guarantee credibility but it can help weed out the crazies, or at the very least remind you that these are not profiles worth replies.  

I used the same to feature to follow Ida as the storm was escalating in power and estimates on when it would make landfall varied. This was actually another lesson reminder on Twitter. The same keyboard patriots who suddenly know a million tactical ways we could've evacuated Afghanistan are also climate and weather experts! Did you know, the government controls the weather!? Oh, the conspiracies I've found! I can't even get into it without sounding like I'm buying in or endorsing the nutty shit I read online today and I don't even want to give them light, but it finally wore me out enough to go to bed. 

Today Nova was back home and getting ready for her first day of high school and I fully traumatized her by asking her what she was going to wear and then vetoing a couple of her options. I did my best to tactfully break it to her that pandemic around-the-house sweatpants/shorts are not out-in-public or school appropriate. I don't need her to stand out as a fashion icon or desperately try to fit in, she definitely has her own look, but I don't want her ostracized or picked on, either. I think I'm more scared about punk ass bullies than she is. Claws out, momma bears.  

I did feel so bad, though, that I thought rollercoasters might help keep her anxiety down, so we went to Sea World and she got her fill of Electric Eel and Manta while I made the rounds on the aquariums. It was kinda crowded in the park, but not in the exhibits so I wasn't freaking out like I sometimes do. Still, I can't believe it would be difficult at all for Sea World to post a few more signs that the State of California still REQUIRES masks indoors for unvaccinated people. It's a shame to see so many young kids with clear comorbidities not wearing masks. (I think this message will be reemphasized a lot more after September 14, and possibly for all people indoors and at outdoor events, theme parks, concerts and the like, regardless of vaccination status.) A few of the dolphins were especially playful and doing little behaviors for me right at the glass, so that is always a special moment. 

Now I'm catching up all over again on the hurricane and I hope for everyone in the region that it isn't as devastating as had been expected. After Katrina I volunteered with the Red Cross and I'll never forget the faces on the displaced people who lost everything who we helped. I do also have to say that my prepper impulses tell me that even though we're far removed, it's always a good idea to have emergency supplies on hand. The hurricane is only adding to supply chain issues, so take advantage of grabbing things you need in case of shortages or price spikes. The North Park Vons had some sparse shelves and it may get worse before it gets better. 

Stay safe out there. 

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