Monday, August 23, 2021

CoViD-19: FDA Grants Full Authorization of "Comirnaty" FKA Pfizer/BioNTech | Test Positive? Get Your Monoclonal Antibodies | Vote NO On California Recall |


Orangs Indah and Aisha at San Diego Zoo (Taken 8.19.21)

I ruined everything. I decided to watch a tutorial on how to restore my camera, tried all the things, when none of them worked it said to try my camera in safe mode and if that worked I should restore my phone to factory settings, so I backed everything up, reset, and now everything is gone and the camera still doesn't work. It is making me crazy. At the moment I have no social media on my phone and I don't know if I should take it somewhere, call Samsung help, or just call the insurance with ATT and get a new goddamn phone, but it really really sucks. I think I spent 4 hours today trying to fix it, log in, restart, log out, log in, restart, rinse, repeat. 

Eventually I gave up and had to get out of the house so Darren and I walked around the San Diego Zoo while Nova was at derby. We got to watch the trainer feed the orangs and siamangs which was pretty sweet, wandered down Tiger Trail then up the elevator and across the bridge to spend some time with elephants Shaba and Mary before catching the Skyfari back to the exit. We still had a little time before pickup, so we walked through Spanish Village and hung out on the platform of the Moreton Bay Ficus for a minute before heading out east where the moon was blazing orange from smoke from whatever fire is nearest. 

My phone issue will get resolved one way or another and maybe I needn't be quite so dramatic about something so dumb, but it's kinda impeding my job right now, too, so I'll suck it up and call someone about it tomorrow. Tonight, we head to the speakeasy. 

Stay safe out there. Thoughts to my uncle who has COVID-19. He claims to be vaccinated however he was also undergoing cancer therapy the past couple years so it maybe didn't offer full protection, and he's very conservative living in a very red state so who knows if he was taking any real precautions. It sucks. 

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