Wednesday, August 11, 2021

CoViD-19: Local & National Hospitalizations Rising | Hospital Visitors Require Vax or Neg Test Starting Tomorrow | BIB Passes Senate | CA Schools Expand Educational Opportunities | Cuomo Resigns |

Beautiful Mary at San Diego Zoo (Taken 7.13.21)

Tonight the news was pointing out different health systems in San Diego that will be requiring vaccination or negative tests for people visiting patients or entering premises but if you recall, this was part of the California state order that was published last week, so I'm not sure why this wasn't actually getting more coverage as a general order rather than just the few mentioned in the story. There was also this funny segment on NBC San Diego's 11 o'clock news where an expert was talking about the importance of masking in schools, recommended sending extras with students, and having a clean plastic bag to store the mask during lunch and other unmasked activities, to which Mark Mullen quipped, "because we know that all kids are inherently gross" and it was the truest thing ever said on the news. 

Today was a completely uneventful day. I did webinar training, watched a few media briefings, and caught up on sleep lost last night after there was some police activity in front of my house that went on for hours while Darren and I were trying to enjoy the speakeasy. Hopefully tomorrow I can get my shit in gear and do something fun, though we've been avoiding Sea World because it's been super crowded and I'm pissed they're not enforcing the state mask requirement for unvaccinated people, evidenced by the under 12 kids without masks. 

Once again, I didn't get around to doing listings, I'm not super motivated to do them, but I will get to them eventually. 

Stay safe out there. 


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