Thursday, August 12, 2021

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(Taken 5.3.21)
What a day. I told you that on Monday while Darren and I were in the speakeasy, some truck was idling and turns out maybe the guy fell asleep or something, so numerous cops came to handle that situation until like 3 or 4 in the morning. So then Tuesday night I'm working on listings so I was up super late and when I finished, watched some smut on Bravo before going to bed and some prowler comes in my yard (no thanks to Ficus who was sound asleep). He was casing but I yelled and he left. But then he came back at 5am and stole our entire trash canister full of recycling, probably $100 worth of cans and bottles. I called police but a prowler is apparently not an emergency and I wasn't gonna wait around for them to come do a police report. This morning the bin was back, but the jerk actually zip-tied our gate open. Now we have a lock back on it and all the neighbors are aware and I've asked for a security light and I'll be sleeping with one eye open. I'm trying to be compassionate that the person needed the recycling more than us, but you don't get to case a house and steal shit. Not okay. 

Wednesday is the day the County gives all their weekly data and it is kind of alarming, but there is still good evidence that cases in unvaccinated people far exceed by 9-fold breakthrough infections, so businesses considering vax requirements or negative tests should still proceed to stifle infections. 

Nova and I went to the San Diego Zoo tonight and then Darren met us a little later after he worked on his new bike for awhile and it was so muggy and gross but also empty as I guess the summer travelers are diminishing. I met a chatty 4 year old whose family was trying to find the exit, so they followed us to Skyfari as she asked me about my day, what animals I saw, and gushingly thanked us for our help to the "bucket ride". At one point she asked me a question and asked the 3 ladies with her to talk quieter because we were having a very important conversation. And they were all masked, as were we. Adorbs. 

There's a lot today, so sorry to be posting so late. Good news, though. The City of San Diego got the emergency permit to close the sea lion rookery, so barriers went up this morning. 

Stay safe out there. 


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