Friday, August 06, 2021

CoViD-19: US Surpasses 120K Cases | Delta Will Find The Unvaxxed | Huanglongbing Found in SD | Student Loan Repayment Pause Extended | Pandemic Cave Syndrome |

California Sea Lions at Boomer Beach at Point La Jolla (Taken 5.3.21)

Today I was watching yet another news story giving equal coverage to parents who want their kids back in school with safety and mitigation measures in place versus the parents who don't want masks on their children. A woman held a sign that said "Let Them Breath" and I thought, sounds about right. Today the US reported more than 120k new cases but achieved 50% of the total US population fully vaccinated. Six months ago it felt like we should've easily gotten to 70% or 80% but now I guess we celebrate any minute milestone. 

So a lot of local venues are really in a pickle. With closing down not being a realistic option, places are evaluating whether they should require vaccines or negative test results. Some are even looking into having rapid testing on site. Some are reinstating mask requirements but obviously you can't mask while you're drinking so the enforcement is nearly impossible and an effort in futility. I'm trying to consult with the best information I have; that while vaccinated people can be carriers of the delta variant and carry virus in the nose and mouth, the breakthroughs are still far less than cases among the unvaccinated. And I keep reminding the venues that 20-29 year olds ---the bar crowd --- represent 1 in 4 cases in the County while only representing 17% of the population and this group is still falling under 50% fully vaccinated. It is these holdout that will keep variants circulating and make the rest of us have to get boosters in perpetuity. 

I'm looking forward to the weekend hoping to go off-grid, so I may or may not do data on Saturday since CDC and JHU are the only ones who update anyway. 

Stay safe out there.    

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