Tuesday, August 03, 2021

CoViD-19: San Diego Breaks 300k Cases, 3,800 Deaths | Safari Park Tigers Suspected COVID Positive | More On The BIB | Council Votes To Ban Ghost Guns |


Sumatran Tiger at San Diego Zoo Safari Park (Taken 6.25.2019)

My brain feels like mush today. I feel like I've been staring at my laptop all day and night and spinning in circles so I'm just going to declare I'm done and be done with it. 

I spoke with my mom today and my dad got a room at Kaiser which is nice because when I spoke to my dad yesterday, he basically said he had to listen to the doctors basically death panel him...deciding if he was worth a room, worth intervention, worth saving...because of the amount of people currently hospitalized. Not cool, Kaiser doctor bros. 

Besides that, there's not much excitement around here. Nova's fully independent now and takes the Rapid bus to and from her LevelUp GirlsInc summer camp at Hoover which goes for another week and a half, and then she'll have a week off during which the school will be open for campus preview for new incoming students, and then she'll end her summer with a LevelUp camp in animal conservation at the San Diego Zoo. I'm kinda jealous. 

And speaking of the Zoo, today it was announced that at least two of the Sumatran tigers at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park are suspected of having COVID, so they're assuming all six do. Which sucks because San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance was vaccinating the animals, but apparently not fast enough. After reading that information on the white-tailed deer yesterday, I wonder if they're testing the scat of our local mule deer, too? It sounds like the cats will be fine, but Tiger Walk is closed in the meantime, and I would imagine they're closing the walkway behind that goes from the base of Australia Walkabout to the epiphyllum garden. It's been so hot, we haven't made the trek in a few weeks. 

While I'm talking about parks, I reached out to the public relations department at Sea World asking why they're not stricter on masks in their indoor aquariums and shops and they responded that they're following CDC guidance, to which I pointed out that CDPH mandates masks for the unvaccinated, which would include every kid under 12. I doubt they'll respond because now I'm just a nuisance, but hopefully there will be enough pressure to follow other large parks in California and do the right thing. 

Today San Diego broke 300,000 known cases since the beginning of the pandemic and 3,800 deaths. Testing sites are once again expanding because of the high demand. 

Stay safe out there. 

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