Wednesday, August 04, 2021

CoViD-19: Delta Dominates; Lambda Back In The News | #COVIDSafeZones | City Passes Parks Master Plan Update | Closing The Sea Lion Rookery |


Mary The Asian Elephant at San Diego Zoo (Taken 8.4.21)

I was wrong. 

A couple months ago, the Sierra Club was urging the City of San Diego to close Boomer Beach at Point La Jolla to protect the pups of the Sea Lion Rookery. As a somewhat regular visitor in the past, I was firmly against closing the beach. I thought new signs, docents, and lifeguards could help reduce the interactions with selfie-seeking tourists and the sea lions. 

I was wrong. 

Look at how the country has handled COVID-19 and mask mandates. Look at how travelers are acting out of control on flights. Look at how people are treating restaurant and hotel and other service industry sectors. Look at how supposed "Law and Order" people behaved on January 6th. And look how political leaders are still supporting The Big Lie. 

Not all people are terrible and awful. But there are enough terrible and awful people who consistently ruin everything for everyone. The overused refrain is "this is why we can't have nice things," and here we are again. 

So the City is trying to get an emergency permit to close off Boomer Beach below the wall until pupping season is over for the sea lions (which is a separate pupping season from the seals at Casa Beach/Children's Pool) and now I guess I'm on board. I wish it didn't have to happen but people just haven't been able to self-police and so I hope it moves forward. I'm sad, but I guess I should have believed my own eyes and frustration instead of hoping for the best. 

Beyond that, it was a nice and much more tolerable weather day in San Diego. In my Twitter reads, Lambda was back in the news after a study found it to be vaccine evasive...but not with MRNA vaccines so we shouldn't panic yet. But we should be aware and do everything we can in our power to squash COVID-19 now, with the Delta variant and all the others surely to come to our shores. I posted a video below that is worth watching about the current state of the pandemic, even if from an Australian viewpoint (which has far less vaccinations than we currently do.) 

Darren and I picked up some Roberto's tacos and went to the San Diego Zoo and ate at the big open patio by Devi the Asian Elephant. Then we walked them off until the 9pm closing and it was kind of a perfect night out as far as crowd and weather and all that. 

If you are out and about in the world, make sure you've got your vaccine card or get your digital record because every day, more and more places are signing on to vaccine mandates. As it stands, Casbah is reverting back to mandatory masking regardless of vaccination status and I'm still advocating strongly for all of our local venues to collectively require vaccines in every way I can. Fingers crossed. 

Stay safe out there. 

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