Saturday, August 21, 2021

CoViD-19: Virus Is Here To Stay | US Surpasses 1000 Daily Deaths (Here We Go Again) | Delta Surge Continues To Ravage | Vote NO On California Recall |


Ficus at OB Dog Beach. Today is National Clear The Shelters Day. (Taken 7.10.21)

There is a fly in my living room and for the last two hours, the kittens have been stampeding around and jumping around every surface of furniture and ground trying to catch it with no success. It's a fun distraction juxtaposed with the 2 hour Mayo clinic presentation I just watched on the pandemic which basically summarized that we're all fucked. Dr Poland basically said that kids under 12 won't likely get an FDA EUA until January 2022 at the earliest because the FDA requested a larger study cohort and 4 additional months of data, that sending kids to school right now is a massive experiment because historically we already know kids spread illness and being unvaccinated in poor ventilation without masks and without social distancing is a giant recipe for disaster, and that since we have no control of the current virus variant at large, we're setting ourselves up for years of mutations and perhaps complete vaccine evasion at which point we're back to where we were in 2020. So yeah, happy Saturday. 

Meanwhile, Darren and Nova are outside trying to learn to ollie on their skateboards, it's 4 and I'm still in pajamas, and I just got an urgent call from Tim that the Small Black show tonight is now requiring vaccination or a negative test which is certain to ruffle a few feathers on the short notice, or the poor guy who responded that he doesn't get his second shot until next week so does one shot count? (It does not. "Fully Vaccinated" at the moment means 2 weeks after your second mRNA shot or after your one-and-done J&J. 

So all of that to say I did an early post today so I can go take advantage of whatever is salvageable in my day. I included a post from the Humane Society about caring for your pet as it sounds like next week we're going to have a helluva heat wave again. 

Stay safe out there. 

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