Tuesday, August 31, 2021

CoViD-19: California Hits Vaccine Milestone | Covidiots Drag Board of Supes Meeting Past Midnight | EU Tells Americans Do Not Come | Vote NO On California Recall |

9 Day Old Rhino (F) with 1st Time Momma Kianga at San Diego Zoo Safari Park
(Taken 8.31.21)  

I still have quite a few emails to go through so if I find anything else I wanna share, I'll add them to tomorrow's post or maybe another one later tonight, but I have to say I'm watching the County Board of Supervisors meeting and it is just as hilarious and terrifying as the last time.

After Nova got out of school today we went to San Diego Zoo Safari Park and got there in time for the afternoon tram. I was glad we did because most of the rhinoceroses were in the lower area of the savannah, only accessible by tram. It was a gorgeous afternoon out there and I should stop advertising that Tuesdays are the best and most empty day of the week to visit, but it is so nice up there. Our guides lately have been so good, too, and now that most schools are back, it's a good time to go (though I wouldn't recommend it over Labor Day weekend.) After the tram, we went up to our usual lookout point and I got to see the 9 day old baby rhino!! She's super adorable and I look forward to watching her grow up. 

It was nice to get out, especially after our trauma last night when Magnolia had fallen out of our 2nd floor window. We live in a really old building and the screens are held in by just a couple small metal brackets that are too old to really secure them. Hopefully Darren can get out there and fix that sooner rather than later. That's also why some of today's links are from yesterday, I was too distraught to really finish the work, but my soul is better today. 

Stay safe out there. 

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