Monday, August 30, 2021

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(Taken 8.15.21)

I had it in my head that today was going to be a big post about the end of the war in I'm glad it is over, how I protested 20 years ago before we went into Iraq and Afghanistan, and how I understand there are still huge consequences to come in the next few days, weeks, months and generations that will include large scale destruction and deaths of innocent people and still, I'm glad it's over. But what it really got me thinking about is how our human brains can't wrap our heads around catastrophe. Like if we sat and thought about 9/11 or the American soldiers killed or the human casualties of all stripes, of innocent people just trying to exist, and then magnify it across the globe where human atrocities exist everywhere, and our brains just can't understand that toll. 

It's the same as with COVID-19. The US alone has had about 40,000,000 cases, and those are the known ones with a test reported. 636,015 known deaths as of today according to the CDC. We can't wrap our heads around it. So some of us figure, that's an okay ratio between cases and deaths, I'm vaccinated, I'm careful, I'm ready to live life again and go to concerts and restaurants and bars and all the things. And then there's some of us who are like, I'm not getting this thing and will do everything I can to avoid it so even though I'm vaccinated and masking, I'm still going to lay pretty low and not put myself in any situation where I can't by choice maintain personal space from other people. I don't think either is right or wrong, it's just different fight or flight reactions. And those that won't get vaccinated or follow simple mitigation strategies, well, fuck em. I don't have time for them though I will be watching the County Board of Supervisors meeting to see all those covidiots crying about their rights. 

But tonight Darren and I ran to Costco after dropping off Nova and it was such a clusterfuck. I can't believe their employees aren't demanding a mask requirement. Then we went to the San DIego Zoo which was super empty and awesome and joyful and then we picked up the kid and got home and immediately I knew something wasn't right when both littles didn't greet me. I greeted all the others...Fi, Tikka, Jax, and even Kiwi came out but no Magnolia. And then I saw a loose screen was popped out. I was instantly in tears and hysterical and looking in the yard and eventually Darren and I split up in the street, jingling her toy and calling her name. Nothing. 

I got home, sat in the chair below the window where she fell out and started crying again when Darren heard her little meow. She was maybe sleeping in a box in my neighbor's garden. Her little paw is injured though we don't think broken, but otherwise she seems fine. And I'll be fine, too. But sometimes we can't wrap our heads around all the horrible shit in the whole world when we're just trying to get by, our little lives, too, spoiled as we may be. There's no comparison but it doesn't mean we don't all have our own shit. I'm gonna go love on my babies.  

Stay safe out there. 

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