Saturday, August 07, 2021

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9 Years Together! (Taken 8.5.21)

I wasn't supposed to come online today, but I wanted to gush about my super amazing loving partner Darren. Last night (or tonight?, we can't really remember) marked 9 years from the night we met at Soda Bar and became inseparable. I can't imagine life without him, especially what pandemic life without him, and I'm so grateful for everything he does for me every single day. He puts up with my messes, my horrible sleep patterns, my hours staring at my laptop and is supportive of it all through and through, while keeping our house in order, our yard green, our animals fed and clean, raising an amazing daughter, and finding time for fun and music and good times. I love you, Darren. 

With COVID numbers climbing, the state and county have returned to reporting daily numbers, but this also means that San Diego has increased testing capacity again. If you feel sick or were exposed to COVID-19, get tested! And not just once in case you have an incubation period. Testing is free through the County sites. 

Now I go offline. Stay safe out there. 

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