Tuesday, August 24, 2021

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Mama and Baby Rhino at San Diego Zoo Safari Park (Taken 8.24.21)

I don't know if I mentioned it, but Nova is doing an Animal Conservation Camp with the San Diego Zoo. It was one of the options through the Level Up summer options through San Diego Unified and the *FREE* program has been amazing for us. She did a month of band camp at Canyon Hills High School, then did a female leadership camp called Girls, Inc at Hoover, then her high school did three days of freshman orientation, and for her final week of summer, she gets to do Zoo Camp and I am sooo jealous. Monday and Tuesday were behind-the-scenes days at the Zoo, so they got to feed and scratch the necks of tortoises, go on the platform above the polar bears, and see the penguins from inside their enclosure. The next two days are at San Diego Zoo Safari Park and rumor has it they get to go to the Rhino Conservation Center, which is only kinda barely viewable by the tram and the rhinos are never out when we go in the afternoons. But my jealousy was eating at me so Darren and I went today. 

Obviously she didn't want to come being that she's gonna be walking around for two days, but we wanted to hit a sunset there before this expected heat wave hits. We got there later than planned but in time to catch the last 5:15 tram of the day (which didn't actually depart until 5:30) but it was magical! It felt like all the animals were out in bunches and active and our tour guide Cody could hardly contain himself. There were even mule deer crossing the road as we wrapped up the tour. But the coolest thing was that he pointed out to us that another southern white rhino had a baby two days ago!! They were way up on the hill but now I feel like I want to go every day. (I won't) 

The main crash was down by the tram plaza as we wrapped up, so I had low expectations, but sure enough when we got up to Kilima Point, there was a mom and babe rhino duo...I think Holly and Mwezi...and just me (and Darren who usually finds a quiet bench and reads on his phone.) It was awesome and special and made me forget about the sucky day and my sucky phone and sucky emails. I haven't done it in awhile, but photos at the end of this super depressing post full of super depressing news.  

Stay safe out there. 


Photos: San Diego Zoo Safari Park (8.24.21)

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