Monday, August 09, 2021

CoViD-19: More Vax Mandates Coming; Delta Still Bad | San Diego Offers More Small Biz Relief | IPCC Climate Report Drops | China's Elephants Heading Home? | SDCCU Offers Financial Wellness Webinars |

Magnolia and Jacaranda Are Growing So Fast (Taken 8.9.21)

I used to make Mondays my day off because I was always at shows all weekend long, and even after the pandemic, I feel like Mondays are still the day I want to be left alone and recharge. Nowadays I wake up, bust through as much work as possible then try to nap while Nova is at camp. So I'm feeling good. While she was at derby, Darren and I wandered around the San Diego Zoo and shared a sandwich in the secluded dining area by Devi the Elephant and it was lovely. Skyfari is back open, too. You know how there's shortages everywhere for everything? Well according to a dude working the Skyfari, there was a super small mechanical problem that needed to be fixed but it took three weeks for the part to be fabricated and delivered. It's all good now as summer hours wind down. 

There was a lot of news today, especially with the 1,500 page climate report that dropped and more discussion of the vaccine mandates for military which will come soon. A few weeks ago I posted how the FDA was going all-hands-on-deck to get through the EUA data for Pfizer's vaccines so they can be officially approved which will then create the leeway of even more entities demanding vaccinations as conditions of employment or general participation in society. 

COVID-19 news isn't really changing, but there is this sort of back and forth that anti-vaxxers are trying to use that if people get breakthrough infections anyway, why even bother with vaccines, vaccine cards, mask requirements and the like and it is just a total facepalm argument. Doctors are now sharing what a scan of a COVID lung looks like on a vaccinated person versus an unvaccinated person. They have to spell out the symptoms of the dying unvaccinated versus the sucky and uncomfortable but usually not deadly symptoms of a breakthrough infection. I'd prefer not to get a breakthrough and I'm doing my best to keep it safe as I'm already pretty risk-averse, but I'd like to believe were I to get sick, I'd be able to drink some water, sleep all day, pop some tylenol and eventually be fine. And the second they call for boosters, I'm on that, too. 

Stay safe out there. 

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