Friday, August 27, 2021

CoViD-19: 1 Unvaxxed Teacher Infected Half Her Class: Your "Choice" Isn't Personal | Vote NO On CA Recall | US Retaliates Against ISIS-K With Drone Strike |


Tell me about it, Satu (Taken 8.19.21)

Feeling like Satu today. I feel like I've been online for 16 hours straight so I'm keeping it short tonight. It was obviously a big news day after every news channel basically let "experts" go on about what a pussy Biden is and then watch them all eat crow after the US killed an ISIS-K target via drone. Ditto for all the stories about "stranded" Americans who are now home or en route. 

What was actually interesting today was the COVID-19 news. States are seeing crazy surges and hospitalizations...I don't think California is exempt because I think when all the schools are back in session, we're going to see drastic problems, and if Newsom loses the recall we're all totally fucked. In an MMWR released by the CDC, one unvaxxed teacher with the Delta variant took off her mask to read to her class and half of them ended up infected and then that spread to secondary infections. It's great that vaccines are being required across numerous sectors but they're not soon enough. By giving everyone so much time we're letting this thing run rampant through communities. The message needs to change: Vax up or stay home. 

Stay safe out there. 

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