Tuesday, June 08, 2021

CoViD-19: San Diego Moves To Yellow Tier | ProPublica Leaks Taxes of Uber-Rich | Biden Admin Is Anything But Boring, Ends Negotiations With Capito |

Sunset over South Bay Salt Works (Taken 6.8.21)

It feels like it was a crazy news day. The report on January 6th was in the news even though it wasn't able to address the former guy's role and couldn't call it an insurrection, Vice President Harris was in Mexico, Biden is traveling to Europe, ProPublica dropped a report on rich dude's and their income taxes. 

Then in the State, San Diego hit our second week of Yellow Tier so mostly capacities are loosening starting on Wednesday, but masks are still required inside in most circumstances, so keep it in your pocket and don't be a dick about it. 

We didn't do much today...we scheduled my sister to cut Nova's hair so we hung out at my parents' house while that happened and then picked up Jochi Filipino food for dinner while we hung around watching the Padres and catching up with my dad. Something is wrong with his TV or remote where the volume sticks, so now he just has it blaring all the time because he's afraid if he turns it down, he won't be able to turn it back up, so it's kinda like walking into a sports bar while trying to have a chill conversation. It doesn't really work, but it was good news that after we've been pressuring him and my mom, they're finally looking into him taking advantage of his VA benefits. He was in the Navy and then worked for the VA over 30 years before taking early retirement for his disabilities but he should be taking advantage of all the benefits he earned after giving the greater part of his adulthood to the organization. He also expressed desire to get out of the house this summer so we'll be doing research on trying to find ways to make that happen for him. 

Beyond that, we drove by the salt flats at sunset before calling it a night. I'm hoping we can get some San Diego Zoo and Safari Park and Sea World and Aquatica trips in before the floodgates completely reopen. You're still not catching me in a bar or restaurant anytime soon. 

Stay safe out there. 

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