Friday, June 04, 2021

CoViD-19: A Glimpse At California Reopening | San Diego Wears Orange For Gun Violence Awareness, Fri 9am at Park De La Cruz | SAD in Summer? | Lotteries Work (Because Not Dying Isn't Incentive Enough) |


When I was growing up, I was always aware of my parents' meet-cute at a bar in Tijuana and how he was in San Diego with the Navy after serving in Vietnam and after four months of dating, was going to go back to Buffalo if she didn't say yes to his proposal. Here we are 51 years later. 

But there was another story we were always aware of, though it didn't come up a whole lot, and that was of my mom's high school boyfriend. We only really talked about him when we'd go through my mom's old 45s and see their initials and hearts drawn all over the labels of the records, her Motown and others from "back when songs had meaning," as she'd repeat to us whenever oldies popped on the radio. All we really ever knew was that he was dead. Shot and killed in a case of mistaken identity, or so the story went. We've left that in the past. 

On National Gun Violence Awareness Day, I was thinking how fortunate I am not to have had any gun violence touch my life, in any decipherable way but I am well aware that may not always be the case. We're reminded of it when our kids do active-shooter drills at school, when we hear shots ring out in the neighborhood or watch a dozen police cruisers race down ECB, or anytime we turn on the news. It's real. It's a problem. And it is all around us. 

So I wanted to make sure that I posted today's San Diego event for Gun Violence Awareness, though I'm pretty bummed they moved it from noon to 9am. It's taking place in City Heights and it would be cool if people show up, but I also understand that time is impossible for many and challenging for the rest of us. I'm gonna try my best. 

I also got the rest of my email cleared from yesterday and there were some interesting pieces about mom vax hesitancy, how lotteries are actually working with vaccination efforts, as I said above, because not dying isn't incentive enough, and an interesting article about SAD in summer, for which I owe Nova an apology after dismissing her suggestion just yesterday that Seasonal Affective Disorder only happens in winter after a conversation we had at the Zoo about why I don't often wear sunglasses. ("I need all the sun I can get for my SAD.") But I also noticed something I'd overlooked in Governor Newsom's announcement yesterday, which kinda unintentionally spelled out what mask restrictions will look like after June 15. Spoiler Alert: in many cases it will be vax or mask, and mask required anytime you can't know if everyone around you is fully vaxxed.  

Stay safe out there. 


  • National Gun Violence Awareness Day: Wear Orange San Diego:
    Join Mayor Gloria, Congressman Scott Peters and other elected officials
    When: Friday, June 4th at 9:00
    Where: Park de la Cruz, 3603 38th Street, San Diego 92105.
    What: San Diego's Proclamation to recognize National Gun Violence Awareness Day. Let's hear from our elected leaders, and bring communities together to tackle gun violence in San Diego.
    Who: Mayor Todd Gloria and other elected officials. All gun-violence prevention organizations and community members welcome.
    We hope you will join us for our first in-person gathering of 2021. Please wear orange!
  • COVID-19:
  • White House: 
  • News:
    • I posted this letter from Governor Newsom that went out to City and County leaders in conjunction with the relief of regulatory actions for restaurants and bars which basically let's them continue outdoor service, to-go alcohol sales, and other deviations from their regular restaurant and bar licenses. But this, pairing with Cal-OSHA's decision to require masks in workplaces unless everyone is vaccinated gives a better idea of what things will look like after June 15. As expected, it's full reopening with no capacity limits, but not back to pre-pandemic conditions.
      Here's the Beyond the Blueprint that is notable in the letter:
      • Retaining in the near-term common-sense face covering requirements
      • Limited testing and Vaccination requirements for large indoor events
      • Modified Emergency Workplace protection standards still necessary to protect the workforce
  • Other Reading:

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