Sunday, June 13, 2021

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Two-Toed Sloth at Sea World (Taken 6.13.21)

We went back to Sea World tonight so today we caught the dolphin and pilot whale show and then Nova went to ride Electric Eel while I visited the turtles and then Darren met back up with me to see the Sea Lion show (with the otter notably absent?) It was just a couple hours but it was nice to get out before the expected crazy weather. It is still really icky though. It's unbelievable how many people are at a place that at every turn is talking about conservation and saving our oceans yet throwing their trash wherever the hell they want. There are pretty much trash cans and recycle bins every 25 feet in the park yet people just leave their whole dinner's worth of trash on the ground, in the stadiums, or in the landscaping. 

I was reading an article earlier today about the drought and this summer in California could be quite terrifying. If you ever want to put yourself in a deep depression, watch any of the numerous documentaries about the West's water wars, how property owners sold their water rights to corporations and then were surprised when they had no water to use. It's going to be another frustrating year when we're asked to conserve or cut water in our home use, but see the well-watered golf courses or water used for fracking throughout the state. A friend lost her house in Scripps Ranch in the early 2000s and I'll never forget what it was like seeing our freeways shut down as that fire took over even in urban areas, jumping the 15 and 163 and the raining ash falling from the sky for days. 

But Sundays aren't for being depressed, so I'll just say we're looking forward to this week as restrictions lift throughout the state. I'll probably get in at least one San Diego Zoo trip, maybe some Fiesta Island swimming, and Nova graduates from 8th grade on Friday. Come to think of it, maybe I should have a cocktail or two to celebrate. Cheers!

Stay safe out there. 


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