Wednesday, June 30, 2021

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La Jolla Sea Lions Get 4th of July Reprieve on Technicality (Taken 5.3.21)

I've mentioned before that I'm not really a fan of the Sierra Club trying to suddenly insert themselves in the debate over the sea lion rookery at La Jolla Cove because their statements want to severely limit access and it's one of San Diego's gems. I wouldn't mind rangers or docents or whatever, but the City and the California Coastal Commission, US Fish and Wildlife, and NOAA could all do much better to make sure there are new, clean, and clear signs letting people know what is allowed and what is not. Maybe they could reinstate the Seal Cam and make a new Sea Lion Cam. 

All of this is a side argument for the proposed return of the La Jolla Fireworks at Scripps Park, which would've been right between the seals and the sea lions. I'm happy to say that they won't be happening this year. The City was able to use the excuse that the permit was requested too late (it has to be more than 60 days.) That at least solved the problem for now, but it will come up again. The lawyer pushing for the fireworks said it was never a problem for 35 years, but the reality is that the rookery has only recently become designated as protected and they haven't had fireworks there for the last 4 years. He tried to compare it to Sea World which is completely absurd, because wild animals getting flushed and moms getting separated from their pups can't happen to the animals in captivity, though plenty of us would be just fine if Sea World stopped fireworks altogether, too, if that's what he was fighting for. 

And speaking of Sea World, we were sitting around the house and Nova asked if we wanted to go back. She wanted to take advantage of the pre-holiday low crowds so she could ride the roller coasters and I got to have my moments with the otters, a few dolphins, and a couple of the orcas. 

Today's news was all over the place. Cosby is out of jail which is a travesty, but CIF laid the hammer down on Coronado, with punitive measures and sanctions so deep it feels like they're punishing Coronado for their entire racist history and not just this incident. Serves them right. It's also funny hearing people crying about legislators and liberals influencing the decision and wanting to appeal or sue or whatever. CIF is like, "do whatever you want but we unilaterally get the final word on interscholastic sports in California."

There was also a lot of talk about the heat dome, about Canada's highest temperature ever, the number of people who died of heat-related circumstances, about Biden meeting with western states about wildfires, and about the continued search for bodies in Florida's Surfside condo collapse, about the lack of water, about a project to literally DRIVE salmon from rivers to the ocean because the rivers have dried and every news story had some reporter speculating IF climate change is the cause of whatever catastrophe is unfolding. Let's just go with a big yes. We need to start with the same facts, that all news can be connected to climate change, and go from there. 

Stay safe out there. 

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