Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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Shaba and Inhlonipho Have Developed A Sweet Bond (San Diego Zoo 6.16.21)

It was a pretty darn good day. I was super productive this morning, it wasn't nearly as hot as expected, and there are so many rad shows the Casbah will be announcing that I'm looking forward to going to shows again, albeit still with some trepidation. 

By afternoon, I dragged Darren to the San Diego Zoo with me for a couple hours, giving the kid some time and space alone before she went to night skate at San Diego Derby United. 

The zoo was almost like pre-pandemic times. The parking lot appeared full, even though we scored the very first spot at the best row by the bus loading zone. Some people were masked and others weren't, so we kept ours handy whenever anyone came in our orbits. A lot of the plastic barricades that gave extra distance from animals and hand railings are gone, and some plexiglass is gone- like on the maned wolf habitat and the extra-plexi on Skyfari- though some remained, like by the red-tailed and swamp monkeys in the Ituri forest. Skyfari is no longer skipping cars, and the buses are running again. In fact, the Kangaroo Bus (where you can jump on and off) wasn't even asking for people's memberships. The elevator is unmanned, but people were pretty cool about still not mixing families in cars, at least when we took it. 

Tourists are definitely isn't often you see a man in wranglers and cowboy boots wandering around these parts...and I actually enjoyed hearing all the accents and foreign languages, albeit from a distance. People were genuinely ecstatic to be there. Well, except for the two or three kids who'd been there all day and were whining, "why can't we just go home already?!?" 

Besides all that, there's this really cute thing happening. A few months back, two young male elephants were relocated to the zoo. The three females are all older and this is their retirement village, but they brought in a 9 and 10 year from Tucson and one from San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The boys seem to be getting along. We actually saw them engaging in some sexual activity a few weeks ago which is apparently normal in the absence of mating females. But twice this week we've gone and Shaba, the older African elephant female has totally taken a shine to Inhlonipho. They're separated by steel wire, but he adores her. She waits for him to eat and then when he's done he comes to her and they caress each other with their trunks, bump tusks, and hug as best that elephants separated by fencing and wire cables can. It's wholesome and beautiful and I could sit and watch them for hours. It definitely warms the heart. 

Which is maybe why I'm in such a good mood. Biden and Putin meeting were the main news, but the bill to make Juneteenth a federal holiday passed congress, which means it just needs Biden's signature now. We've been trying to find the right time to get Nova a kitten, but were kinda seeing how things are going with 21 year old Kiwi, but she's still hanging on, so we have to just move on it, which was why I was so happy to see the "Smitten With A Kitten" promotion going on at the Humane Society (info below.) We didn't really know what to get her for her 8th grade promotion gift, so this will actually work out spectacularly if we can pull it off. And this afternoon we were catching up with our late night comedy snippets and caught Governor Newsom on The Late Late Show with James Corden and our local Congresswoman Sara Jacobs was on Tooning Out The News. 

People are laughing again.
People are smiling again. 
It's okay to still be cautious while also being hopeful and optimistic and happy again.
I'm warming up to it all.

Stay safe out there. 

Photos San Diego Zoo (Taken 6.16.21)

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