Wednesday, June 30, 2021

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Baby Tapir Is Losing Her Spots at San Diego Zoo (Taken 6.29.21)

One of Nova's friends from school is on this crazy intense regional soccer club team so the two of them don't often get to hang out, but her team is taking a couple weeks off so her mom asked if we'd take her with us the next time we went to the San Diego Zoo. Obviously we were happy to oblige. I think she thinks we're total dorks, but that's just fine with me. It was nice to let Nova ditch us and go off on her own. 

Meanwhile, Darren and I didn't really cover much territory. We spent a lot of time with the mandrills and tapirs, and the tigers were right up at the glass today, too. The baby okapi was out, which was the first time we've seen him since he was born in February, and then we took the kangaroo bus to Skyfari to meet up with Nova for the parade. 

Tomorrow we'll find out from the County how significant the delta variant is in San Diego and if the two-week doubling rate is true here in San Diego as it is in other parts of the country and the world, though the lag time is a little frustrating because last week when they had reported 16 cases, the onset date was only through May 27. Ideally they'll have a better and more current range. And as far as masks go, I'm gonna just go ahead and keep wearing mine. Dr. Fauci clarified today that the reason the WHO is recommending masks is because globally vaccination rates are super low, below 10% and some places worse than that. He said that the US is in a different position because we have high vaccination, but whenever I look at the groups that aren't getting vaccinated, it's the younger under 30s who aren't and guess who are the people that go to bars and concerts and San Diego Zoo and Sea World?? 

Stay safe out there. 

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