Thursday, June 24, 2021

CoViD-19: Delta Will Find The Unvaccinated | Biden Announces Infra Agreement | Gloria Announces SD Infra Plan | Congress To Probe Insurrection |

Meet Jacaranda & Magnolia, 12 Weeks Old (Taken 6.24.21) 

It was such a nice day out today, but Darren and I had agreed that we'd just stay home today instead of running off on my daily mandatory excursion. Instead, he lit up the BBQ and we had a late afternoon feast entirely of his creation and it was amazing. We've also been introducing the kittens to the rest of the animals so we have to be around with the spray bottle when Ficus gets a little too scary to Magnolia and Jacaranda. Honestly, though, it seems like Strawberry is going to be our biggest far she is not happy to have the space invaders around. 

I feel like I got all the ranting out of my system last night. It was a pretty straightforward news day. Biden announced that a bipartisan infrastructure deal has been struck, but I'll believe it when it is signed. General media seems to be catching up to the epidemiologists and their concern about the Delta variant and everyone is still trying to push for vaccines. I continue to text my sister everyday; I don't know why she is lagging on getting my niece vaccinated. Oh, and I didn't link it, but holy shit that building collapse in Florida is crazy! Nobody really sees that as a possibility, but if you think about the rust we get on our cars from being in a coastal adjacent city, even if we live miles from the beach, just think about what all that moisture and salt would do to a building over 40 years. Plus, think about all the mob activity and corruption that was rampant among developers in the 80s, not to mention inspectors who could be bribed. I know it's premature to speculate what happened, but I'm a blogger so I'm just saying I wouldn't be surprised...

I hope everyone has a really nice weekend. I don't really have any plans at the moment but that mini-festival lineup in Barrio Logan on Saturday looks pretty sick if you're itching to see live music. I'm just not at the dropping-$120-on-tickets stage of my pandemic, even if I'm finally gainfully employed again. 

Stay safe out there. 

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