Monday, June 21, 2021

CoViD-19: Digital Vax Record | Young Need To Vax Up | US Land Borders Remain Closed For Non-Essential Travel | Mayor Signs San Diego Budget | Tortilla Terrorists | More Catholic Hypocrisy |


Today is World Giraffe Day (Taken at San Diego Zoo Safari Park 5.31.21)

I'm gonna keep it short today because we went to the San Diego Zoo earlier and the night has slipped away from me, and I'm trying to get listings done, too. I have a thing tomorrow so I can't be up all night per usual. 

Today Nova started a music ensemble camp through SDUSD's Level Up Program. I know a lot of people were having problems getting their kids registered, but I would recommend exploring the site and "expressing interest" in classes you want because I think a lot of people signed up for multiple classes that happen at the same time just to make sure they got into anything, and I think as this week shakes out, there could be openings, even if your kid didn't get to start on the first day. Just this morning I was able to sign up for Wildlife Conservation Camp at the Zoo which normally cost a few hundred bucks, so I'm really stoked about that. Hopefully when the time comes, Nova will share my enthusiasm. If not, we could just show up at the Zoo and embarrass her. 

Today's news includes the Tortilla Incident at Coronado High (I hope CIF nails down a DQ and Orange Glen gets to take the W, to be honest,) Catholic Church hypocrisy, and more stuff about the Delta Variant and how it is young people now driving infection, spread, hospitalizations, and deaths, at least in the UK, and many expect the US to follow suit. If you're in that 12-25 year old age group and haven't been vaccinated, GET YOUR DAMN SHOTS already. Us olds want to go to shows and we want to know that we're safe and protected and not gonna get some variant from some dumb kid who thought he was too healthy to get the shot. I know people are afraid of side effects but honestly the biggest side effect I've heard from anyone and felt myself was just being tired. Set aside a day where you can be really hydrated and sleep soundly for 14 hours and you'll be fine. I'll watch your kids for you or whatever you need to make it happen. I assure you, the side effects from COVID are waaaaay worse than anything that will happen with the vaccines. 

Stay safe out there. 

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