Thursday, June 17, 2021

CoViD-19: Delta Takes Hold In UK | Cal/OSHA Drops Masks For Vaxxed | Juneteenth Becomes Holiday | Report: SDPD As Bad As You Thought | Smitten With Kittens | EDD Certification Rules Changing | Flex Alert |

Strawberry/Tikka/Monster isn't the baby anymore (Photo from Sep 2020)

Today we went to San Diego Humane Society to participate in the "Become Smitten With A Kitten" event, which is encouraging kitten adoptions with a promotion to get one for just a $25 adoption fee and a second kitten for just $5. We have been promising Nova a new cat but were seeing how Kiwi is doing, but she's still with us and it seemed cruel to attach such an incentive with the demise of my old lady. And as they say, the price was right. 

But it wasn't entirely smooth. We got there around 4 and were told they were so busy, they probably wouldn't be able to accommodate an adoption for us. The COVID restrictions still in place make adoptions contactless, and also mostly by peeking through glass. I got super frustrated and emotional and had to take a breath outside. 

Once I collected myself, as I reentered the lobby a kind woman name Audrey asked if she could help me and I told her we were there to see kittens and as she asked questions, I told her, "the kitten we want is any one we can take home today," to which she responded that she would guarantee that would happen. We met up with Nova and Darren and were let into the kitten room and THERE ARE SO MANY KITTENS! When they said they have 180, the number is just a number, but when you go in and see the few dozen kittens for adoption and know that as soon as you adopt, their spot will be filled with the other kittens waiting in the separate not-public kitten care center across the street. Spay and neuter your pets, people!!

We quickly became smitten with black short hair siblings, a boy and a girl, so we proceeded to do the paperwork and made the adoption. Naturally you're wondering where are the photos??  but the reality is that one of them just recovered from a respiratory infection and the treatment just ended yesterday, so we're keeping them isolated in Nova's room before we can slowly introduce them to the rest of the house. I try to keep the kid's room private, so thus, no photos. I assure you they're super cute but look like every black kitten you've ever seen. They came with the names Bishop and Rook but we're currently in debate about changing them. Nova likes chess and wants to keep the names, I stand firm against someone else having named my pets, so we'll see where we land. Right now we can't really even tell them apart and I've been working all night so didn't really get time with them yet. But I can tell you that I already love them, and you'll get pictures soon. 

Today was historic as Biden signed the bill to make Juneteenth a national holiday. EDD is changing their certification requirements effective July 11, a report on SDPD collected the data to confirm what we already knew: that cops pull over and use more force on people of color at astonishing rates, and Cal/OSHA aligned their mask guidance with the CDC, which the governor authorized immediately with an executive order, and the Flex Alert for electricity conservation has extended to Friday. 

Stay safe out there. 


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