Tuesday, June 15, 2021

CoViD-19: CA Expands Incentives; Moves Beyond The Blueprint | UK Pushes Back Opening | Keep An Eye On That Delta Variant | CDC Mask Guidance Reminder |


Is That A Panda? NO! It's An Aardvark's Knee! (Taken San Diego Zoo 6.15.21)

I was finishing up this post when I got a little pop-up from live video by this news chaser dude. He listens to police scanners, then goes to the scene to film and broadcasts live. I'm not sure if he even sells his footage to news channels, but not really my point. 

He was driving around North Park, just a couple blocks from me, and the cops were looking for a man with a rifle who'd been in an altercation at the 7-11 on Meade and 30th. I don't know if they gave up their search, but they didn't find him. They bust out the police chopper for all kinds of stuff but that didn't warrant a deeper search? 

I guess there really wasn't that much news that I didn't cover in the last post. I was going to watch Governor Newsom's press conference from the morning but it wasn't online, so instead you can just read the press releases where he is expanding the vaccine incentives to include California vacations, which include travel for 4 to specific destinations and $2,000 travel money. The news showed that there was a gathering of some of the people who've put their names on the ballot for the recall and showed stupid Jenner talking about the border crisis. This person who killed someone while driving doesn't vote, doesn't understand basic government, and thinks the state has any control over the international border. And yet the news just has to show her. Kevvie didn't even show up, he must've been so burnt by the Bloomberg article raving about California's economy. 

There has been a lot more talk about the Delta variant, which has now pushed back opening in the UK and is said to be doubling in the US every two weeks, so it will be interesting to see if vaccinations step up before those low-uptake states start seeing even more death or cases among children. Let's hope those of us who are vaccinated can repel it enough to prevent that. 

Stay safe out there. 

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