Tuesday, June 08, 2021

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My little mandrill friend at San Diego Zoo (6.7.21)

A sucker is born every minute and after emails over and over and over again, I finally gave in and bought Sea World and Aquatica passes for the rest of the year. They had a special to buy one park, get the other free that expired last night. It's not a decision we took lightly. 

I mean, of course there's the whole Blackfish thing and it hurts my heart to see cetaceans in captivity, but I obviously support the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance which means that I appreciate the cost-benefit of animals in captivity for educational purposes, fostering love of animals and nature, and the Species Survival Plan for rare and endangered animals who may otherwise go extinct. 

Still, I feel like I had to do mental gymnastics to justify my purchase even though we've had passes before. Weighing the animals for profit model vs the good Sea World does to provide veterinary care for injured and orphaned animals like seals, sea lions, and sea birds, that I'm supporting the local economy as they're one of San Diego's top 5 employers, and that we have a super mopey teenager who loves rollercoasters and waterslides and who deserves a little fun this summer. 

So when you hear those goddamn fireworks during the summer, you can blame me. It is all a little cringey. But I also love animals so much that I am kind of excited about it, too. Like I LOVE sloths and the ones at the Zoo are ambassador animals so you never get to see them. It's complicated and I'm conflicted but ultimately I'm gonna go and I'm gonna have fun and I can get back to complaining about other stuff. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.

Meanwhile, this afternoon Darren and I went to the San Diego Zoo. I've been spending a lot of time with the mandrills and the elephants lately. I the crazy woman who kinda thinks they know me. We also spent a lot of time in the aviaries which are generally not as crowded as the rest of the zoo. I didn't get to a lot of news today, but Jake Sullivan was great during Jen Psaki's press briefing and Kamala Harris was in Guatemala fielding super awkward questions about corruption with President Giammattei. Also today there were multiple studies once again showing that masks work, that the vaccines are working even better than predicted, and UCLA economists basically debunked every stupid thing Kevvie has been posting when they revealed that the Governor's mitigation strategies not only not only saved lives but are why our economy is coming back so strong. 

Stay safe out there. 

  • State Data:
    • R-effective: 0.77
    • 67 New Cases/280,743 Total Cases
    • 0 Deaths/3,764 Total Deaths
    • 2.5 cases/100k population (Assessed on 6/1. Unadjusted Case Rate)
    • 1.3% Test Positivity (Assessed on 6/1)
    • 1.5% Health Equity Positivity (Assessed on 6/1)
    • 105 COVID-19 hospitalized patients (+8 patients, 8.2% from prior day)
    • 36 COVID-19 ICU hospitalized patients (-2 patients, -5.3% from prior day)
    • 290 ICU beds available (+27 from prior day)
  • County Data:
    • San Diego County COVID-19 Update – 6-7-2021 - County News Center 
    • 65 New Cases/280,807 Total Cases 
    • 0 New Daily Deaths/3,764 Total Deaths
    • 4,210,305 Doses Received/3,784,620 Doses Administered
    • 2,071,589 Partially Vaccinated/1,677,291 Fully Vaccinated (59.9% of 12+ Pop)
    • +19,337 Newly Fully Vaccinated Since Yesterday
    • 1.1% Daily Test Positivity/1% (7-day avg after 7-day lag)/0.8% Test Positivity (14-day average)
    • 1.7 cases/100k population (Assessed on 6/1. Adjusted case rate per 100,000 excluding prisons.) 
    • % Case Investigation 
    • -14.8% Day Over Day COVID-19 Hospitalizations (79 patients. -41% over 30 days)
    • 41% ICU Capacity (32 patients. -16% over 30 days)
    • 53 Staffed ICU Beds Available
    • 0 New/4 Community Outbreaks (7-day)

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