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CoViD-19: What California Looks Like Beyond The Blueprint June 15 |

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I wanted to repost this post I wrote on April 6th, 2021, when Governor Newsom first announced the June 15th goal of reopening "Beyond The Blueprint." As I mentioned the other day, there seems to be a lot of misreporting that California would go back to pre-pandemic normal- no restrictions on capacity, no masking, no distancing, no testing--and that simply isn't true and it isn't what he said in the first place. I'm seeing the whiners who have inserted themselves into the recall election, particularly our former mayor (who is SO EASY to dunk on, by the way) and the dude who thought it was a good idea to travel the state with a bear saying that the Governor is changing what he initially said or going back on his plan. 

He didn't and he hasn't. 

Now in the time since the announcement, of course, the CDC and Cal/OSHA have both weighed in, but below is exactly what that announcement outlined. The messaging has obviously had some problems, apparently people only understand three word chants which is the antithesis of Governor Gavin Newsom who has never been brief about anything in any briefing ever, but still, just because it was reported wrong doesn't change what he actually conveyed. Check it after the jump. 

Stay safe out there. 


  • State of California Governor Newsom:
    • California Looking to Move Beyond the Blueprint for a Safer Economy
    • On June 15, California will fully open its economy if two criteria are met:
      • Equitable vaccine availability: If vaccine supply is sufficient for Californians 16 years or older who wish to be inoculated. 
      • Consistently low burden of disease: Hospitalizations are stable and low, and specifically, hospitalizations among fully vaccinated individuals are low.
    • What happens beyond the Blueprint?
      • Common-sense health measures such as masking will remain across the state. 
      • Testing or vaccination verification requirements will remain in relevant settings.
      • All sectors listed in the current Blueprint Activities and Business Tiers Chart may return to usual operations in compliance with ETS/Cal OSHA and other statewide agency guidelines and standards with limited public health restrictions, such as masking, testing, and testing or vaccination verification requirements for large-scale higher-risk events. In addition, the following restrictions apply (via a narrow public health order): 
        • Unless testing or vaccination status is verified for all attendees, conventions will be capped at 5,000 persons until October
        • International convention attendees will only be allowed if fully vaccinated.
        • Schools and institutions of higher education should conduct full-time, in person instruction, in compliance with Cal/OSHA emergency temporary standards and public health guidelines.
        • Workplaces promote policies that reduce risk, including improved indoor ventilation, and mask wearing in indoor and other high-risk settings as well as remote work when possible without impacting business operations.
        • Californians and travelers will be subject to any current CDPH and CDC travel restrictions.

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