Saturday, June 26, 2021

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Bun Bun is Missing.

I posted a pic of Bun Bun because we haven't seen her in a few days. I don't really know how she's survived all this time, to be honest, but with everything so dry, I hope she's just chilling under the studio. 

Today was a wasted day for me. Darren and I were up super late last night in the Speakeasy and then today I decided to use some strawberries to make milkshakes and then we had chili dogs, and how old do I think I am that I thought my body could handle eating like I'm at the San Diego County Fair? I swear sometimes I'm like those old pepto ads. 

Today there continues to be more debate about "fleeting contact" and the increased transmission of the Delta variant and it makes me crazy that the headlines are about the WHO dismissing the claim when in actuality, they're saying it's possible there's just not enough evidence yet. Didn't we learn over the past year that we should err on the side of caution? They should still be urging people to mask up, and the CDC should be doing a much better job of their messaging to the unvaccinated, specifically targeting children and their parents to model safe behavior. I want Nova to go to school full-time in person this fall, but San Diego's tween vaccination rate needs to come way up to relieve my anxiety about it. Truth be told, I'm gonna kick my sister's ass if she doesn't get my niece vaccinated soon. 

Stay safe out there. 

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