Sunday, September 12, 2010

Joshua White at Dizzy's, 8/26/10

I shoot a lot of jazz shows too, and there was a great one at Dizzy's a couple weeks ago. The Joshua White Quartet, fronted by the 25-year old piano phenom.

Joshua White Quartet at Dizzys 82610 © Michael Klayman-016

This group features Jason Robinson on saxophones and alto flute, Duncan Moore on drums, and Rob Thorsen on bass.

Joshua White Quartet at Dizzys 82610 © Michael Klayman-013

Joshua White Quartet at Dizzys 82610 © Michael Klayman-002

Joshua White Quartet at Dizzys 82610 © Michael Klayman-019

These guys play around town often, so if you see their names pop up in Rosey's listings, try something new and check out some jazz. Gilbert's jam session on Wednesdays at El Camino is a great time to get some dinner and drinks before walking one block over to the Casbah.

Check out my original post for more photos. If you'd like to see more jazz photos posted here or never want to see them again, leave me a comment either way.

Michael Klayman


Tyler said...

keep up the jazz photos! your shots are amazing, and it is good to see dizzy's spotlighted here. I used to go to dizzy's at it's old location in the shadow of the petco construction. glad to see it is still getting attention in it's new location.

Michael Klayman said...

Thanks Tyler! That old location is starting back up too, Chuck Perrin is going to split shows between there and here, based on availability. I've only been to the old spot once, and Chuck said he'll try to dress it up a bit more this time.

Tyler said...

do you recall the actual address of the old one? When I visited, the area was a mess of construction fencing / empty warehouses / etc. After it got all shinny with the new ballpark, i've tried to find where dizzys used to be but alas, there are too many hip bars / wines / tilted kilts to find where it once stood and shared a space with a storage warehouse.

Michael Klayman said...

That lists which show is where, as well as the address for the 7th ave warehouse location.