Friday, September 17, 2010

San Diego Zoo: Galapagos Tortoise Opening Party

The San Diego Zoo is constantly evolving and growing. Within the confines of Balboa Park, I'm constantly amazed by the new ways that the San Diego Zoo can use their existing land to create new enclosures and natural feeling habitats for their animals. They redefined the Polar Bear Plunge, created Elephant Odyssey, and this month is ReptileMania and they opened a new habitat for the oldest residents of the Zoo, the Galapagos Tortoise. They have animals that are 150 years old and it's about time they get their due.

Yesterday I had the oppportunity to check out the exhibit, and with my mom, sister, nieces and two of my mom's daycare kids, got to enjoy a morning at the zoo. The enclosure itself is spacious and gives a good focus on some sun-basking iguanas, small reptile houses, and of course, the lovely Galapagos Tortoise. (For all of the photos, click 'keep on reading'.

(no live tortoises were injured in the taking of this photo)

The "ribbon cutting" involved a giant tortoise biting through a carrot, seen here with the benefactors of the enclosure.

There's a ReptileMania show, too, where the trainers bring out a ton of rattlesnakes and this hostile snapping turtle.

My niece Nadia at her favorite time of day...lunch. A view of the Balboa Park bell tower from the Skyfari.

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You got such great photos!!! Fabulous!