Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Mark Mothersbaugh Discusses His Music Making Process

I got this interesting little e-mail about a series called the Nokia Inside Track. I know my old school blog design is no indication, but I subscribe to a million newsletters and trades just to stay abreast of technology, music, and the ever-changing music and marketing landscape. This is why I love things like the North Park Music Thing and will also be attending the San Diego Music & Technology Conference. This is why I subscribe to the Lefsetz Letter and Hear 2.0 and The Future Buzz among many, many others. The coolest thing though, is when an artist shares insights. Sometimes this happens when I'm at the Casbah smoking patio chatting with a band after their soundcheck, and sometimes, like in this case, this happens publicly on a cool web series.

Episodes are archived here.

On each episode of Inside Track, the world’s biggest recording artists reveal how they’re using the latest, innovative technologies to create their music and connect with fans. And they give their take on how this tech enhances your life. Check back every other week for a new episode.

Inside Track episode 2 features, Devo lead singer, Mark Mothersbaugh discussing his new methods of making music including mobile apps and even breaking open a "Speak & Spell" toy.

Insidetrack Episode 2
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