Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Local Natives @ The Belly Up, 9/19/2010

I'm trying to recap my whole weekend but that's slow coming, so instead, I'll just post my videos from the sold-out Sunday night show with Local Natives. I've loved the band for a long time and have seen every San Diego show they've played, and even went up to LA for one. You may or may not know that I tried to book them at last year's North Park Music Thing, but they had a scheduling conflict, and frankly I knew back then that they were too good for the Radio Room where they had been scheduled to play. It's great to see that good people who make great music succeed, and the band has been all over the world touring with awesome bands and playing the largest festivals in the world. And it's also nice that they come back and play a 600-700 capacity venue like the Belly Up as well as a free show earlier in the day at dog beach. I was still on my harbor cruise with Dawes, so I missed it, but I heard it was a lot of fun and very well attended.

So anyway, the show was awesome, minus the douchebags to my right. I'm all for people enjoying the show, but your fun shouldn't ruin anyone else's fun, and when you're jumping up and down with a full beer and spill it on a photographer, you deserve to get your ass kicked and you don't deserve to be at the show. There are shows where that is the norm and to be expected, like say The Bronx or Pennywise or a gazillion other bands. Local Natives are not that band, and when the singer calls out the crowd for being "the rowdiest Sunday night crowd (they've) ever had" he wasn't complimenting you, which is why he followed with, "and that you're proud of it?!"

So the band played a great set per usual and the crowd sang along per usual and naturally I can't wait to see them all again. Below is the playlist of all the video I took. You can click the left and right arrows on the side to scroll through.

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Unknown said...

Great videos! I've always wanted to see Cards and Quarters live, but not being 21 really has its downsides in San Diego. Caught them at the Dog Beach that day, though!