Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Seth Combs Gets The Bieb For Charity

I thought I'd posted a link to my photos from last week's fundraiser, but alas, I had not. The party at U-31 got off to a slow start, I imagine you working folk couldn't quite get there at 5, but once it got going, there was a great turnout. A representative from the San Diego Humane Society was on hand to receive the total of $966 in donations (well over the $300 for the hair and $700 for hair/beard/mustache). As party-goers got in on the beard and mustache fun, Rob Deez performed with Josh Damigo as his sidekick, and of course they played the Seth Combs song. As Seth got his hair cut, courtesy of Salon Tonic by stylist Dario, Gregory Page performed a set, followed by Long Live Logos. It was a super fun time and Seth was as good a sport as any. All of this now is even funnier as some media outlets try and get a juicy story out of Josh and Seth in regard to Josh's SDMA acceptance speech which he closed with "and Seth Combs can suck my balls".

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