Monday, September 13, 2010

2010 San Diego Music Award Winners

It doesn't look like the San Diego Music Awards have been listed on the official site quite yet, so since I failed to live-tweet last night, I've compiled the winners today. Some shockers, some not so shocking, but it was such a fun night all around. There are always things that can be improved and hopefully as the music community grows, so will the academy to make sure people get nominated in the right categories. I suspect my personal education of the Electronic and DJ scenes will grow this week at the SDMTC and it's good to know that more hip-hop players will be involved in the future. I was a slacker blogger and hardly took any photos, but you can see a nice gallery over on

Best Tribute Band: 40 Oz to Freedom
Best Jazz: Jaime Valle
Best Acoustic: Josh Damigo
Best Blues: Tomcat Courtney
Best World Music: The Devastators
Best Americana: Eve Selis
Best Hip-Hop: Deep Rooted
Best Pop: Dynamite Walls
Best Alternative: Cuckoo Chaos
Best Rock: The Burning of Rome
Best Hard Rock: Lord Howler
Best Club DJ: Gabe Vega
Best Electronic: Drew Andrews
Best Pop Album: The Silent Comedy Common Faults
Best Rock Album: Transfer Future Selves
Best Alternative Album: Rafter Animal Feelings
Best Hard Rock Album: All Leather When I Grow Up I Wanna Fuck Like A Girl
Best Hip-Hop Album: Vokab Company The New Kong
Best Blues Album: Sue Palmer After Hours
Best Jazz Album: Steph Johnson Mysterious Feminine
Best Americana Album: John Meeks Old Blood
Best World Music Album: Skelpin A Trip To Skye
Best Local Recording: White Apple Tree Velvet Mustache
Best New Artist: Little Hurricane
Artist of the Year: Slightly Stoopid
Album of the Year: Switchfoot Hello Hurricane
Song of the Year: Crocodiles "Sleep Forever"

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