Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Conor Oberst @ the Casbah, 9/27/2010

So I tweeted a week ago that Conor Oberst would be at that Casbah with the Felice Brothers and perhaps you didn't pay attention or maybe you didn't believe me, but either way, when we were able to officially announce it, the show sold out. I diligently stood up front to hold my ground and locked in my position. I seriously couldn't have had a better night. I caught the whole set on video, and througout the course of the night I made plans to follow the tour to Pappy & Harriet's, I got my drink on, and I got a birthday slow dance and a sloppy wet kiss from Mr. Oberst. All in a night's work, I guess, and if that's work, then consider me happily employed.

I put all of the videos in a playlist, so click the arrows to see them all. And super special thanks to everyone who made my night so magical...Pyles, Mr. Mazee, Andrew, Ben, Paz, Emily, Blayn, Kera, Michael, Doom, Malinda, Mookie and everyone else. Thank you all. You all make getting old really fun.


Larry said...

didn't know it was your birthday when i saw you last night. happy birthday!

Unknown said...

<33 What a great show, thanks so much!!