Tuesday, August 20, 2013

For Your Eyes and Ears: Yellow Red Sparks

Yellow Red Sparks, the colorfully named indie folk rock trio from Los Angeles, return to headline The Griffin tonight (Tuesday). This show is part of the ongoing 91X Loudspeaker series and is free w/ RSVP or $5 at the door. The band is fronted by Joshua Hanson, who sings with a strong sense of conviction. The songs are pleasant and catchy on the first and subsequent listens. Accompanied by Sara Lynn Nishikawa (upright bass/vocals) and Goldy (drums/vocals), the songs go from quiet to loud at times while keeping the listener's attention. This is a band to watch and that chance happens tonight here in San Diego.

Watch videos of A Play To End All Plays and Monsters With Misdemeanors below.

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