Thursday, August 08, 2013

Show Preview: Mother Falcon @ Soda Bar Friday August 9, 2013

Photo Courtesy of Bryan Rindfuss
How do you like to size your bands? Solo artist, dynamic duo, trio, the popular foursome and when you get to 15 and more you can appropriately find Mother Falcon at the top of the list. This 15-20 member touring band from Austin started, believe it or not, as a side project. With a large string section, a bassoon, a glockenspiel, several horns combined with voices comprises a mini rock chamber orchestra that is usually too large to fit on the stages it has been booked to play. Such will be the case this Friday when the large ensemble descends into Soda Bar. With two full length albums to their credit, (You Knew was released in May), the songs are relatively short in length but not in texture. The classically trained musicians in Mother Falcon provide assistance in running a summer camp for young aspiring classical musicians. The reason this group is playing in San Diego is due, in part, to this writer's recommending that Cory Stier (talent buyer) explore the possibility of bringing the band here. This is an opportunity to see something very exciting and different (and still under the radar) in an intimate setting.

Mother Falcon are certainly a DIY project in many aspects. Here's hoping their live performance becomes one that lingers in our collective memories. Tickets to the show can be purchased here.

Watch a video of Blue and Gold and Dirty Summer below.

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