Monday, August 22, 2022

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Lemur (Taken 8.19.22)

I have adjusted my priorities.

I do my job. I sleep. I go places. I shop. But this shit is FOR REAL! Amiright? We did the deal, but then there was/is a major government insurgency and people travel and then with COVID and you're like, duh, I told you so, but then you get COVID and you fight all the things and then someone you know who was anti-vax and has had COVID 2 or 3 times and suddenly they need insulin because now they're diabetic but they cannot see the forest for the trees and you want to wish them the best but also, perhaps if you got the vax, you would not be dealing with this bullshit. Or at least not this extreme? 

It doesn't really matter. I'm at the age that people just start dying anyway. I see these stupid pre-roll ads on YouTube and this 20 something is talking about aging and all I want (besides skipping her stupid ad) is scream in her face that nobody wants to hear about anti-aging creams or potions from a 20 year old. Bitch! Get my age and I'm just the beginning. See my mom! She will slaughter your stupid anti-aging creams and bullshit. Find love and you'll maybe live forever. Like my mom. 

I deleted COVID data this week. I just can't. Not today. You know what's up. I can't be the only fight and I'd rather spend my time at the San Diego Zoo. 

Be safe out there. 

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