Tuesday, August 30, 2022

CoVID-19: San Diego Drops To Low Community Risk Level Then Back To Medium | Student Loan Debt Relief | San Diego Excessive Heat Warning Through Monday |


Aisha & Kaja (Taken 7.29.22)

This is all last week's information, but I thought I'd publish just so I can move forward. I've been having some pretty great days but I had to rein in some nonsense. Last week I spent a few hours just unsubscribing from email lists. It was out of control. It's only gonna get worse leading up to midterms, so it had to be done. I know where I stand on issues and don't need daily reminders of how bad shit is with these nutjobs across the country. It's too much and is just far too toxic. I feel lighter, I'm sleeping better, and I'm getting better at compartmentalizing the things that I need to so my life has a little more balance and joy. 

I hope you do the same. 

Stay safe out there. 

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