Friday, December 08, 2023

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DeBrazza Monkeys Lillie and Baby born 10.28.23

I am trying to wrap up loose ends before I get outta town this weekend, so it seemed like a good time for a post. I'm excited about my trip, but I can't really talk about it until after it happens, so just know that I'm going to be cold and I haven't been on a plane since 2016. I'm kinda freaking out a little, but I'll have to sort it all out tomorrow and I'm sure everything will be fine, but my biggest problem will be packing. I'm terrible at it. Have you seen how much stuff I take with me just to go to the zoo everyday? So yeah. At least I learned today that my leggings were ineffective at keeping me warm today in San Diego, so they're definitely not going to cut it where I'm going. 

So beyond that, things have been good. Work is crazy busy, this week we announced another 16 shows, when a typical week is about 5. In starting this post, I learned that my new laptop doesn't have an SD card slot, so that kinda blows, but I guess the HDMI will be adequate. The zoo has been especially fun this week because I found a better loop and get to spend more time with my favorite primates. Last weekend was the final open house of the year at the Alpaca Ranch, so I went to the zoo in the morning, then my mom and I went out to the ranch, and then I finished the evening at the zoo, which was deserted and perfect. When it's late like that, generally all the primates are all asleep, but it's a good chance to go to Basecamp to see the caracal, tamandua, coati, and sometimes local opossums or skunks moving around under the platformed walkway. I also like to visit these adorable little crocodiles that will sometimes swim right up to glass to make deep eye contact. It's kind of an amazing thing and they look really cute when they swim. At night, it's also fun to do the big lap around the elephants and into Kopje because sometimes you can hear the hyrax screaming, which is a pretty crazy sound if you're not expecting it. The zoo will get a lot crazier when Jungle Bells kicks off this weekend, but walk around the dark if you get the chance. Do it without a flashlight, and especially DON'T use the one on your phone.

I'll catch you all after my trip.
I love you.  

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