Thursday, December 14, 2023

Rosey's Diary & Things To Do In San Diego: Thursday, December 14, 2023: Sego | Coastal Wolves | Zoltan Kaszas | La Diabla | Meg McRee | Strung Out |

Sister Claudia, My Mama, Nadia, Jojo, Uncle Willy, & Me. Christy took this one. 

So, I really was not realistic at all when I went on this little trip for the past few days. I haven't flown anywhere since 2016, and I forget how much time I really end up sitting around talking with family, riding in cars, or driving and seeing scenery and how much time I am NOT online, or at least, not able to use my laptop. (Email is still amazing anywhere, anytime, except when I'm driving, of course.)

We left San Diego on Saturday at 6:30am, which made me wake up at 3:45am to be ready to go. Of course I don't really sleep on planes, so by the time we landed in Chicago and walked all up the Miracle Mile or the Magnificent Mile or the Millionaire Mile or whatever it is really called along Lake Shore Drive and then back to our hotel, I was zonked. But this was a girls trip for that part of the weekend, so I was with my mom, my sisters and my nieces, at the W, known for having Djs in the lobby and being a destination on weekends and, let's just say the no sleep week continued. Beyond going to Millennial Park to see The Bean (which is now behind security fences because, as the street vendors told us, "los jovenes") and Christmas stuff, I have to say it was all kind of a bust. I was in Chicago but by no means did Chicago. That was the theme for this whole trip, actually. Not that I didn't enjoy family time and seeing new things, but I didn't pack in what I would do if I had my say in all of it. Or any of it, really.

On Sunday, we left Chicago to drive to South Bend and that was the day of my uncle's Surprise Birthday Party for his 80th birthday. He got all weepy and it was beautiful and beers at the Country Club were $2.50 so I enjoyed myself and also learned a bunch of stuff about my family that I didn't know before and saw pictures, like of my real grandma who died when my mom was only 2 years old, that I was seeing for the first time. That was magic. 

By Sunday night, I was in party mode, drank beers and rye at our hotel while everyone slept, knowing I would be the one to stay while my sisters and nieces returned home on Monday. When it was just me and my mom and my uncle, we spent the greater part of a day at a local casino and then the next day driving around different nearby areas to eat, shop, and see Christmas lights. 

I'm now on the flight home and there's no way the wi-fi can handle me doing the listings for the whole week, so I'm just doing Thursday's and I'll do the rest on Thursday. I underestimated how much time we'd spend in cars, how much time we'd be hanging out telling stories, how much time I'd spend in the kennels and among the cats of the house. I especially underestimated how much time I would be the one driving, though I guess I should be used to it with my 80 year old uncle and 70+ year old mom. I also didn't know I'd be sleeping on a waterbed for 2 nights which makes laptopping in bed pretty much impossible. So I'm sorry the listings are abbreviated but when I get home, I need space, I need drinks, I need some loving from my babies, and I don't want to be up all night working on listings because I really need to see my favorite primates at the zoo in the morning. Also, thanks to this stupid bitch that won't stop coughing with her mouth open, even though I got my booster last week and even though I wore a mask during the stagnant air parts of the flight, I'm eating and drinking and trying to get cool air, so I'll be monitoring my health and thank goodness I am a bit overstocked with COVID tests at the moment. I actually think she's coughing out loud AT me, but I'm not about to start a fight on Southwest.  

Besides surprising my Uncle on his turf, we bought him a one-way ticket to San Diego to hang out as long as he wants. The last couple times were sad and for my dad's death, so hopefully this one will be more joyful. But also it means I'll probably be chauffer for at least some parts over the next couple weeks. Forgive me if you don't hear from me or if things are late or my Insta is all out of order or whatever. I gotta spend the time with these Olds while I can. xoxo

Here are Thursdays listings. I'm sorry if I missed stuff.

Thursday, December 14, 2023 :

  • 35 Years! Mid-City I-805 & SR15 Holiday Bridge Light Ceremony @ Boulevard Transit Plaza (5:30pm, SE Corner of El Cajon Blvd & SR-15)
  • Sego, Community Pool, Blair Gun @ Casbah
  • Coastal Wolves, Jonny Tarr, DAVIS @ Soda Bar
  • Strung Out Suburban "Teenage Wasteland Blues", Sour Tongue, Toxins @ The Holding Company
  • Zoltan Kaszas @ Belly Up (6pm Early Show SOLD OUT; 9pm Late Show)
  • La Diabla, Vikat Burlesque, La Beat Cantina, Atomic Sexies @ Ken Club
  • Meg McRee, Francis Blume, Cossette Smith @ Voodoo Room, House of Blues
  • Xibalba, Conservative Military Image, Home Front, Upon Stone, Mongrel @ Corazon Del Barrio 
  • A Tribute to Vince Guaraldi & Christmas Classics @ The Jazz Lounge (SOLD OUT)
  • Uptown Rhythm Makers @ Panama 66
  • Kareeta @ Winston's 
  • 9 Year Anniversary & Holiday Celebration with Live Music, Drink Specials and More @ Rabbit Hole (6:30pm+)
  • Taste 'n Tinis @ Hillcrest Neighborhood Stroll 
  • Miss Velvet @ Humphrey's Backstage Live
  • Corporate Citizen, Parade of Horribles, Loudmouth @ Til-Two Club
  • San Diego Memoir Writers Showcase @ Baker-Baum Concert Hall, The Conrad Prebys Performing Arts Center
  • Passage Into Fear @ California Center for the Arts, Escondido
  • Respectfully Christmas @ Lamb's Players at Coronado Resident Theatre
  • A Christmas Carol @ Cygnet Theatre
  • Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas @ The Old Globe
  • Ebeneezer Scrooge's BIG San Diego Christmas Show @ The Old Globe
  • 1222 Oceanfront: A Black Family Christmas @ New Village Arts
  • Disney's Freaky Friday: The Musical @ Grossmont College Stagehouse Theatre
  • $low3n X Diego Bay, Evilthxts, Joeygo, Mey & #39m Ham Music & Guests @ Brick by Brick
  • BobbySanchez & the Blennies @ Aquarius Bar & Grille 
  • Quartyard White Elephant @ Quartyard San Diego
  • Dave Preston & The Grownups @ Mr. Peabody's
  • The Dreamboats @ Tio Leo's
  • Victoria Robertson @ Veranda Bar, Westgate Hotel
  • Aztec Open Mic @ Aztec Brewing Company, Vista
  • Open Jam with Jeff Ousley @ Navajo Live
  • Jolly Karaoke @ 710 Beach Club

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